The World Kombucha Awards (WKA) recognizes brewing excellence in the different categories but does not automatically award the top three entries in a particular category. When judges determine that a category contains three excellent examples of the category, they present gold, silver, and bronze awards for the first, second, and third place kombuchas, respectively.

The results are public, so consumers can learn which kombucha meet a high level of quality and which kombucha exemplify a certain category as interpreted by the panel of judges.

Who decides?


The WKA organizers are committed to the professionalization of the sector and the WKA taste categories shall be assessed and judged by a combination of highly qualified tasting experts, brewmasters, sommeliers and experienced kombucha drinkers. These individuals have been selected based on: (1) formal kombucha sensory training; (2) ongoing kombucha sensory experience; (3) knowledge of different types of kombucha and the brewing process. This mixed panel of judges guarantees that winning kombuchas not only have an exceptional level of quality, but also appeal to end consumers.

WKA design judging is conducted by a panel of leading design agencies and recognized trade marketing experts. Judges are looking to award for a product or range that shows originality, relevance to its market and origin, connection between the bottle or can shape and its liquid content and creativity in the shape, design and material of the bottle or can label.

Judging procedure

The submitted kombucha are judged through anonymous tasting. The judges appointed to the evaluation in the final shall decide the winners. If it is considered that the kombuchas in a specific category do not reach high quality standards, the jury reserves the right to declare the medals as non-awarded.

There shall be individual awards by category and five overall prizes for the participating brewers. The best three kombuchas in each category shall be awarded with gold, silver and bronze medal awards.

Judges may grant an award in any one or more of the three available award positions and are not obliged to grant awards in all three positions. For example, judges may recognize a kombucha as a silver or bronze award winner yet not grant a gold award. Judge tasting notes from the competition shall be mailed after the Awards Ceremony. This valuable information is provided as feedback to all entrants.

Apply as a kombucha judge

Those interested in being considered as WKA judge panel candidates should email their request to the Competition Director ( together with their CV or résumé with an emphasis on formal kombucha sensory training and ongoing sensory experience.

Competition mode

The following chart, illustrates the competition
mode of KWA with an example of a category with 32 entries

World Kombucha
Awards Ceremony

During the event, the winners of each category shall be announced, and medals shall be awarded to the top kombuchas. The 2024 World Kombucha Awards ceremony shall be held on 26st October 2024.

The ceremony is open to all brewers.

Best Designs

Design is a vital element for the success of any kombucha brand, and the WKA Design Awards recognize the very best can and bottle designs within the Kombucha sector. The WKA Design Awards acknowledge those that are unique, attractive, and functional. Judges may award extra points to kombucha can and bottle labels that demonstrate innovative design, or which include a label or bottle treatment to create a visual or tactile experience.

World’s best bottle design

World’s best bottle range

World’s best can design

World’s best can range