Who we are?

The World Kombucha Awards, are a global competition that aims to create greater consumer awareness about different kombucha flavour profiles while promoting international brewing excellence and providing valuable information to the brewers about how their product will be perceived when placed on a shelf amongst other kombuchas.

A unique combination of highly qualified tasting experts and experienced kombucha drinkers, have been selected as judges to guarantee assessing the winning kombucha, and also providing all entrants with concise, accurate written feedback describing positive product attributes as well as defects noted during the competition that will help to improve the quality of their kombucha.

2023, was the first edition and received 150 inscriptions coming from 22 different countries, becoming the world’s greatest Kombucha contest and a benchmark in the sector.  A significant increase of participants is expected for incoming editions.


What is the WKA Sponsorship program?

Our sponsorship options have been carefully designed to help you elevate your brand, generate new leads, form new partnerships and align your existing marketing.

Sponsoring WKA, will help you to spotlighting excellence as showcases your brand as a thought leader, Kombucha expert and being seen to be supporting and driving industry innovation in this sector.  Coupled with extensive brand visibility this Sponsorship will spotlight your brand in front of an industry leading audience of experts, potential clients, influencers and other suppliers.


Why to become WKA Sponsor?

These are some potential benefits you may have:

  • Increase you brand awareness and exposure to a relatively new market.
  • Networking pre and during an award ceremony can also provide sponsors with the chance to interact with potential clients, other sponsors and industry experts which can lead to new business partnerships.
  • The WKA ceremony, provide an excellent opportunity to showcase your products or services.
  • To stand out. Sponsoring the WKA will associate your brand with excellence, new markets, growing sector, trend, healthy food sector and innovation.
  • Benefit from over 12 months of marketing and PR across email, social and media channels
  • Be profiled alongside industry leaders and judges as a key voice for the sector.
  • Position your brand as committed to supporting innovation in the industry.
  • Being promoted during the awards ceremony can help position as thought leaders in the kombucha industry.


Available packages

Choose a sponsorship package that’s tailored to meet your objectives.

Each package benefits from an extended 12-month campaign, from pre-event, to onsite and post-event coverage, meaning your sponsorship continues to deliver results beyond the ceremony itself.

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*available special awards that could be named:

  • World’s Best Kombucha Brewer
  • World’s Best Kombucha Rookie Brewery
  • World’s Best Kombucha
  • World’s Best Organic Kombucha

If you would like to have more details and prices of package, send us an e-mail to info@worldkombuchaawards.com